About Jodi


I am a photographer based in Orange NSW. My  strength is portraiture, but I love a good still life also.

I have always been interested in capturing moments, those times that you don’t want to forget, as well as the ordinary and seemingly mundane. It all started with photographing my family and my horses..... in film! One of my favourite photos of my Dad was of him making the school lunches and giving me 'the look' over his glasses.

While studying photography at university, I started to realise that I could never capture a whole person in just one image. It became a process of documenting the people I loved, capturing the part of them that I loved the most, wanting to show a side of them that maybe no-one else saw, including themselves.

I have continued to document the people I love, especially my children and husband, my son practising his guitar in the sunshine, my daughter lying on the deck with our dog as a pillow, my husband and son reading together and giggling.

I have become passionate about making sure others take the opportunities to photograph their loved ones too. It’s great to be able to look back and see how people have changed and grown and put it altogether in one big, life long story.

I have also become passionate about helping local businesses get great images that show off their products and services. I am keen to support local businesses where ever I can. Most business owners I know, have poured their heart and soul into their business. It is an honour and privilege to work along some of these people and get to know them better and support their businesses as they support mine.

I’m eager to help you do the same thing for you and your loved ones too, whether that be documenting your family as it is in this moment of time, or helping you promote your business, showing others the best you have to offer. I want to give you images that last a life time and are value for money.


Give me a call, I'd love to get to know you and find out how I can document you and your loved ones.